Searching our store:

In conversations with clients I have found that many of our search tools are not being used to narrow down the amount of items in a search. If anyone would like a phone tutorial Lewis or I would be happy to aide in your search 1-541-327-1000.

Here is a step by step way I would search the store:

step #1: Choose the species and figure from the upper left hand menu. If you run your mouse over the menu it will pop out drop menu's. Example ~ Figured Lumber/Maple (all)/Maple (Quilted)

step #2: You should now have all our Quilted Maple Lumber. Above the list of items there are 2 drop boxes. The 1st helps with the number of items shown per page. The other allows you to "sort by" width, length, thickness or date added.

step #3: Along the left hand side in the tan column there are a number of different methods for sorting. You can sort by price, grade, attributes (single board or bookmatches),figure,and or thickness (4/4,5/4,etc.)

Once you do step #1 you can do either #2 or #3; it all depends what is most important for you to see first.